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Vestel 5000

Smartphone that's set to become your
digital world

Think like a top cat. Expect and demand the best, whatever your budget. With Vestel 5000, the latest and most sought after smartphone features are well-within your reach. Thanks to its ultra-fast 1GB RAM and 1.3Ghz Qualcomm Quad Core processor.

Stylish Design & Display

New unibody design that’s feels as amazing as it looks

5” HD Display


Available in 4 Colors


Sodalime Glass

Vestel 5000
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An Entertainment Hub
Lose yourself in the on-screen action. Feel the hair stand on the back of your neck as you experience the life-like Full HD picture quality of Vestel 5000’s large 5” screen. Join every adventure, every action sequence, seamlessly streaming high definition movies and TV episodes as well as the latest music videos and must-have 3D games.
Take pride in building an epic library of entertainment. As well as a generous 8G of memory and a 64GB Micro SD card, Vestel 5000 offers a year’s worth of free 50GB storage on Vestel Cloud.

Design and Display

  • The Vestel 5000 will be available in a choice of four colour combinations so that you can select the one that best suits you. Available colors: Black, Pearl White, Silver, Gold
  • Strengthened by Sodalime glass
  • 5” HD Display (720x1280 pixels) for the ultimate immersive viewing experience from every angle.

Vestel 5000 will enchant you with its elegant and slim design. Due to the only 8.6 mm thickness and the weight of 150 grams, the phone is easy to handle and guarantees a pleasant user experience.

The 5” display is impressive compared to the size of the phone. The IPS display with HD resolution offers a wide angle view for you to enjoy very clear images and sharp colours on the entire screen, regardless your viewing angle. Vestel 5000 offers an extended field of view and super color rendering thanks to state-of-the-art IPS display technology. The ergonomic design of the Vestel 5000 makes it easy to use even with one hand.

Camera you’ll ever need

An entirely new camera enters the picture.

5MP Camera


Auto Focus

Capture the best of your beautiful self and share with friends and family through still pictures or via video chat with 5MP rear and 5MP front camera.

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Take pictures that capture and reflect the true nature of your subject. With vCam, you can count on professional style photography. Designed with a 5MP rear-facing camera as well as a 5MP front-facing camera for selfies, Vestel 5000 ensures that your subject is always bang in the centre of your frame thanks to features, such as the Auto Focus mode.
Taking three shots of the same picture but at different levels of exposure, the HDR function blends together the highlights of each snap to create one final, master photograph. Capture the contrast and the detail in every landscape shot and even out the shadow and the glare in portrait photos. Combat low lighting conditions too, using the HDR option to brighten up the foreground of each photo.

The vCam Experience

  • The Vestel 5000 is equipped with an 5MP rear camera complimented by autofocus, allowing you to easily capture every moment in perfect detail.
  • Capture the best of your beautiful self and share with friends and family through still pictures or via video chat with 5MP front camera
  • Fast auto focus can capture fast moving objects

Powerful Performance

Now, you have the power to handle a range of applications as you enjoy some multi-tasking fun.

1GB Ram


Quad Core processors


8GB Rom


(LTE) connectivity

Vestel 5000
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Powerful Performance

  • The Qualcomm MSM8909 CPU has Quad Core, resulting in extremely efficient multi-tasking when compared to dual core processors.
  • The Qualcomm Snapdragon 212 processor supports amazing communications and excellent battery life.
  • Packed with 1 GB of RAM, 8 GB of Memory, and with 64 GB of expandable SD memory you have the space to manage and keep your files, apps, entertainment and memories close at hand.

1GB Ram / 8GB Internal Memory

  • 1GB LPDDR3 High-Speed RAM
  • The phone packs 8GB of internal storage that can be expanded up to 64GB via a microSD card.

Dual SIM Card Support
The flexibility of Dual-Sim card support in the Vestel 5000 lets you manage two provider networks simultaneously, bringing your two mobile subscriptions together for work and personal lines on the same phone. The Dual SIM smartphone offers 4G speeds on both sim cards, in both FDD and TDD standards. You will benefit of download speeds of up to 150 Mbps, therefore you can enjoy your favorite TV show, connect with your friends or read the latest news.


  • High-speed 4G (LTE) connectivity, for super-fast downloads
  • 5000 helping you reach your full enjoyment potential when browsing, watching, reading, gaming or chatting online.
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More Reliable & Efficient

Designed with a Security patch - Swift keyboard - Powerful Battery

Swift Keyboard


Long battery life


Security patch

Type as fast as you think with the Swift keyboard. Offering greater protection for all your files and content. Powerful 2230 mAh Li-ion battery to see you through the day

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Promising faster connections as well as great coverage with its best-in-class 4G, Vestel 5000 gives you the power to stay connected anytime and anywhere. With a 2230mAH battery, it enables you to stay in constant touch, wherever you are.


  • Powerful 2230 mAh Li-ion battery to see you through the day

GPS with Glonass support
Use your smartphone to guide yourself in your trips. For a better precision of your location, Vestel 5000 uses both the American navigation system GPS and the Russian one, Glonass (Globalnaia Navigaţionnaia Sputnikovaia Sistema).

Product Specifications

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