Vestel Smartphone

V3 5580

Vestel V3 5580

Smartphone that's set to become your
digital world

Meet the 5.5" Smartphone that's set to become your digital world. Look into the edge-to-edge, FHD IPS screen to see everything that matters to you at a glance. Manage your work and your social life in minutes. Thanks to its ultra-fast 3GB RAM and 1.3Ghz Mediatek Octa Core processor.

Stylish Design & Display

New unibody design that’s feels as amazing as it looks

5.5” FHD Display


Available in 2 Colors


76,6% Screen-to-body Ratio

Vestel V3 5580
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An Entertainment Hub
Vestel 5580 offers edge-of-your-seat, Full HD viewing for every tube ride - every lunch break and stolen moment. Bringing the on-screen magic to life with eye-popping colour and razor sharp detail, it draws you in, enabling you to live and breathe every movie plotline and gaming sequence. Delivering entertainment on tap, it offers 16GB of memory along with a 32GB Micro SD card slot. You can also back up files and access them from anywhere with a year’s worth of free 50GB storage on Vestel Cloud.

Design and Display

  • 5.5” Full HD Display (1080x1920 pixels) with over 401ppi for the ultimate immersive viewing experience from every angle.
  • Strengthened by Corning’s Gorilla Glass 3
  • Vestel 5580 - the most compact 5.5" phone with a 76,6% screen-to-body ratio

Remote Control

  • Use Vestel 5580 as a remote control for your home entertainment devices

Zaza Remote App

  • Why not use Vestel 5580 to control your TV, satellite and AC? With this handy app, the household tech lies in your hands.

Camera you’ll ever need

An entirely new camera enters the picture.

16MP Camera


Auto Focus


BSI Sensor

Capture the best of your beautiful self and share with friends and family through still pictures or via video chat with 16MP rear and 5MP front camera.

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Amazing Photography with Pro-style features
Every photo, every selfie is a memory in the making, so make them count. With vCam you can afford to aim high, safe in the knowledge that every snap is likely to be one for posterity, whatever the skill of the person taking the picture.
The 16MP rear camera with three LED flash produces high quality pictures, in all lighting conditions. The high-speed phase detection autofocus allows you to capture unique moments with unmatched sharpness.
The 5MP front camera makes sure that your selfies will always look great.

vCam HDR
Designed with an HDR option, vCam helps to perfect your pics whatever the conditions. Blending together the highlights of a light, medium and dark version of each of the pictures you take, HDR works to build the best photograph possible. Great for capturing the detail in panoramic landscapes, HDR reflects more of the contrast between, for example, the sky and sea. Holiday family snaps will also benefit from this feature, as any unflattering shadows or glare can be evened out of the pictures. For low-light and backlit settings, it’s equally useful, brightening up the foreground without washing out the rest of the picture.

The vCam Experience

  • 16MP rear camera with a three LED flash for high quality pictures in all lighting conditions
  • High-speed phase detection autofocus for unmatched sharpness
  • 5MP front camera for great selfies and quick snaps

Powerful Performance

Now, you have the power to handle a range of applications as you enjoy some multi-tasking fun.

3GB Ram


Octa Core processors


16GB Rom


(LTE) connectivity

Vestel V3 5580
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Work Goals
Get ahead with Vestel 5580. Go the extra mile and make every moment count by accessing Officesuite when you’re on the move. With this single app, Vestel 5580 becomes the ultimate mobile office, enabling you to browse through and update all your Word docs, Excel spreadsheets and presentations, whilst giving you the opportunity to check and share any saved pdfs.

Powerful Performance

  • A compact computer with a MediaTek 6753 1.3GHz Octa Core processor and powerful graphics processing unit
  • Vestel 5580 works simultaneously with its 3G RAM, so that you get an incredible user experience every time

3GB Ram / 16GB Internal Memory

  • 3GB LPDDR3 High-Speed RAM allows Vestel’s 5580 to handle multiple complex tasks at the same time
  • 16GB Memory storage, expandable to 32GB, Vestel 5580 can hold everything from your favourite movies, music to your photos and business docs.

Turbo Download

  • Super-fast downloading of files larger than 20MB
  • Use WIFI and 4G/3G networks at the same time to boost your speed

4G LTE and Dual SIM

  • High-speed 4G (LTE) connectivity, for super-fast downloads
  • Use the two SIM card slots, one for business and one for pleasure!
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More Reliable & Efficient

Designed with a Security patch - Swift keyboard - Powerful Battery

Swift Keyboard


Long battery life


Security patch

Type as fast as you think with the Swift keyboard. offering greater protection for all your files and content. Powerful 3000 mAh Li-ion battery to see you through the day

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Never leave a word unsaid or a task undone. With Vestel 5580, you can always finish what you started, not only having the benefit of fast, far-reaching 4G bands across the UK and Europe, but also a 3000mAh Lithium Ion battery with real staying power.


  • Powerful 3000 mAh Li-ion battery to see you through the day

Swift Keyboard

  • Type as fast as you think with the Swift keyboard. Intuitively picking up your writing habits, it’s in sync with your thoughts, literally finishing your words, so that you can share more in real time.


  • Designed with a Security Patch, Vestel 5580 is hard to crack, offering greater protection for all your files and content.

FM Radio on Your Smartphone
With FM Radio you will be able to listen to the radio without your internet. Your headset will function as an antenna.
Drive your radio anywhere, anytime, without using the internet package.

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